Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chennai - Auto

Chennai is an HELL
-until the Traffic Police takes action on the auto drivers & checks each auto,
-until the Transport Minister comes and sites in a Chennai's auto & pays for his travel,
-until Chennai People join and ask the Auto Drivers why they are not using the meter and people have to pay price not shown in meter.

After a longtime, I had to go in a auto in Chennai. I walked towards a auto stand in front of my office. Before I reach the stand, a auto driver came to me and asked where I want to go. I said the location, by the time i finished to tell the landmark where i want to go, he said, "let go, get in and take your seat". With in fraction of seconds before I get it, he uttered, it will be Rs.100 charged. I was shocked.

The distance between my home and office is 2.7 Kms, for that Rs.100. I posted him, why so much for a distance less that too less then 3 kms. He replied that after dropping me he has to come back to the stand without and passenger and nobody on the way back will stop for a auto.

Call Taxi (Omni Van) in Chennai is priced as 5 Kms - Rs.100 and above that 1km is Rs.12
Is that Auto is more luxury than Omni Van?

Is this how India becoming a DEVELOPED NATION? Is that how Chennai grows? Is that the Auto Drivers only have a Family and Children? Is that Auto Drivers are only below poverty line?

Whom to go and ask? Who will answer this?